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I know I don't tweet much, but hearing Crime mob...

Posted on January 22 2013 by Nate Hug in bootylicious, bubblegum

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An Adam Sandler Discussion

Posted on November 28 2012 by NJ Hug

I will be honest with everyone, I’m not really into Adam Sandler or his movies all that much. I feel like I'm the only person who is not crazy about him.

I find him a little annoying at times, and his movies, though they have funny parts, have never truly been my favorites.

So to enlighten me on what is so great about Adam Sandler, I brought in three "experts" on his movies. My questions attempted to enquire my guest’s favorite movies and what they liked about them. I also was interested in discussing the idea of having the same cast in many movies, and if that assisted in making the film(s) more entertaining.

After speaking with my three guests, I feel that the reasons people find him so funny are how he presents his style of humor, and that he has years of experience and multiple movies. It also does not hurt that he has almost the same cast in most of his films.

What are your thoughts about Mr. Sandler? Is he funny, or just annoying? What are some of his movies you suggest to help me change my mind? Let me know by commenting below!

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What to Pack When Staying at a Hotel

Posted on October 31 2012 by NJ Hug

I tend to travel a lot during the weekends. Because of this, I often stay in hotels.

To many people, this may not be a big deal. Some even love this opportunity.

But I'm a little different. I am not a big fan of staying in hotels. This is because I am a really big germaphobe.

Now don't get me wrong, I love to travel. I enjoy meeting new people, seeing new places, and experiencing somewhere that I am not as familiar with. But when hotels are involved, I just cannot seem to get comfortable in them.

The main reason is I'm not always trusting of the bed, the light switches, doorknobs, glasses, etc.

I'm probably being over cautious, but I do not want to take any chances.

Below is a video explaining what four items I always pack when I am planning to stay at a hotel. Did I miss anything? Is there something you always suggest packing? Let me know by commenting below!

What to pack when spending the night at a hotel.

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President Obama Grassroots Campaign @OhioUniversity

Posted on October 24 2012 by NJ Hug

President Obama Grassroots Campaign @OhioUniversity

I’m currently watching the last Presidential Debt of this campaign season, and because of that; I feel that it is an appropriate time to discuss the visitor that was on campus this past Wednesday.

Last week, President Obama visited Ohio University as part of his Grassroots Campaign, and spoke to around 14,000 spectators.

Besides going around and speaking to various communities, the campaigns are using another way to reaching voters. This is through the use of social media.

To examine this type of campaigning, I checked my social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Google+) during and after the President's visit for ads and promotions about President Obama.


During the actual date of the event, my twitter stream was not full of promotions for President Obama; these did not appear until around 2 days later.

With that being said, during the actual event many of the people I follow were tweeting about President Obama being at OU, using #ObamaAtOU. Other tweets were about the line many people were waiting in, or just got through.

Around Friday is when I began noticing Barack Obama promoted tweets in my stream. Then for the next few days, promotions keep appearing.

I thought that this was pretty interesting. It seemed like they let the visit set in first, and then began promoting President Obama. Unfortunately, after doing research, I could not find if this was a strategy for the Obama Campaign, so this is just my theory.

One final note on twitter, during the event as well as after it, I did not see anything related to President Obama trending, (although I may have missed it, I’m not all that active on twitter)


During the event, Facebook was lit up with postings about individuals being at the event, or waiting to go see the President speak. Also there were lots of pictures of people waiting in line, or of College Green (where President Obama spoke).

On the day of the speech, there was not advertisements, or promoted postings about the President, that I came across. Once again, the ads, and promoted postings began appearing a few days after he visited campus.

These came in the form of Ads promoting President Obama, as well as promoted wall posts.

Google +

During the event, unfortunately I was unable to access my Google+ account. That being said, I did look back and found no promotions on the day President Obama visited Ohio University.

Also, sense the event; I have not come across any promotions.

Although I am on Google+, Just like twitter, I am not that active on it. Because of this it may have been hard to target promotions to me.

The President and Social Media

After having President Obama on campus, I was interested in researching how his campaign uses social media. An article in The New York Times broke down what social media sites the President uses.

Tumblr – Unknown amount of followers

Twitter – More than 20,420, 000 followers

Facebook – More than 29,101,000 likes

YouTube – More than 233,000 followers

Pinterest – More than 42,000 followers (actually used by Michelle Obama

Intagram – More 1,400,000 followers

Spotify - More than 14,654

Candidates use social media for the same reason you and I use social media, to connect with people. Using the various sites, President Obama can talk more directly with voters. He also can reach large scales of people quickly. For example, say President Obama wants to let people know about his plan for the economy. President Obama and his team could quickly let millions of people know about this plan, via twitter, facebook, and all of the other social media sites he belongs too.

In 2008, President Obama was more involved in social media than John McCain. Once again, during this election, President Obama is leading the way when it comes to social media.

It will be interesting to see the results of using social media during an election. Because it is so new, it is hard to say if it actually works when it comes to gaining votes.

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Posted on October 23 2012 by Nate Hug

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Posted on October 22 2012 by Nate Hug in Whatsyourreason, Greatblogpost

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Posted on October 20 2012 by Nate Hug

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Posted on October 20 2012 by Nate Hug in Bobcats

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How to study for a college exam

Posted on October 10 2012 by NJ Hug

How to study for a college exam

Currently I am trying to study for an exam in my managerial econ class. The exam is tomorrow, and is worth a large chunk of my grade, needless to say, I'm nervous.

I wasn't gifted with the skill of econ. I consider myself a fairly good student, but struggled with macro and micro economics, which are at least to my knowledge, the basic econ classes.

So tonight, I have two options:

Option 1: is to do the old reliable cram session. The benefit of this strategy is that you study for a longer period of time, but you sacrifice sleep.

Option 2: is going to bed earlier tonight. This is nice because you get more sleep, feel more rested, but unfortunately, you do not get to study as much.

So what do I plan to choose? Well, before coming to college, my mother told me that you needed your sleep before an exam. I agree with this completely. Plus, cramming does not generally help you learn the material. Having enough sleep and feeling rested as well as the inability of cramming to help you learn is why I plan to choose sleep over cramming.

I am not the only one who believes sleep is the way to go. A study conducted by UCLA researchers looked at high schoolers and asked them to take note of questions such as how long did you sleep last night? Or did you receive a poor grade on a test or have trouble learning the material taught in school today? The researchers found that as students advance through school, staying up late and studying rather than getting a good night’s sleep, may affect your grades, and performance in school.

Research has also showed the ineffectiveness of cramming. An article in Popular Science discusses how researchers from University California - San Diego, looked at retaining information.

The researchers looked at how much time was in between studying, and how this affected one’s ability to remember information on a test. The study asked participants to remember 32 facts, and then tested them on the answers. The participant could have studied the answers for a few minutes or up to a few months after first being introduced to the information. The volunteers where then tested on their knowledge of the facts as late as one year later.

The findings may or may not surprise you. The study showed that the best way to remember information is studying over time, and not trying to learn it all at once.

I was curious to see how much sleep I should be receiving a night. I began looking for a website that would let me answer questions, and by my responses, tell me exactly how much sleep I should receive. This website does not exist, at least to my knowledge. I did find a website that lets you find out what celebrity sleep style you have by taking a quiz, (apparently Jo Jo and I have similar sleep habits).

Unable to find the personal amount of sleep I need, I decided that an average sleep amount for college students would work. According to Stanford University (at least back in 1997) a college student should receive over 8 hours of sleep a night, which is higher than a typical adult.

So what does all this information represent?

The research reveals that the best way to study for an exam is by getting enough sleep during the night; specifically over 8 hours for college students. Also, the information needs to be learned over a period of time and not all at once. I know many people swear by cramming, but the science says otherwise. That is why tonight I am choosing to go to bed early. Cramming will not help you learn the information, getting enough sleep, and studying over a longer period of time are the ways to success.

Everyone is different. Have you had success cramming? Let me know, and comment on how you crammed your way to an "A".

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That Old Elementry School Question

Posted on September 25 2012 by NJ Hug

Not actually me. Photo is from

Not actually me. Photo is from

When I was in grade school, they always asked me "Nate what do you want to be when you grow up?" Now most spry children that age would want to be a cowboy, firefighter, astronaut, and so on. I was different and more mature compared to my school yard friends. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now that I am in college, the idea of starting my own business is still an interest of mine.

One issue I would imagine most entrepreneurs have is starting their business. A few days back, on Google, I notice something at the bottom of Google's main page.

What I noticed was a link to something called Google for Entrepreneurs. So what exactly is Google for Entrepreneurs? Essentially it is a place where entrepreneurs can find resources as well as programs to help get their business off the ground. Pretty cool. Google for Entrepreneurs also focuses on assisting in the development of businesses all over the world. So no matter if you are going to build the next super computer, or a better mousetrap, definitely check out Google for Entrepreneurs.

For more information on Google for Entrepreneurs check out this video.

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